Patient Stories

*44 Year Old Male*

I have always hated going to the doctor, always thought that I could just get through whatever was going on with some pain killers and call it a day. This time, that was not the case, at first I was scared to go into the doctor, and of all doctors a cardiologist, I thought this was it, that I was bound to die. That is not what happened Dr. Adli saved my life, and because of him I will be able to watch my kids grow. Thank you Dr, Adli for being not just another doctor but another caring human, you picked the right speciality you really do treat the heart both literally and figuratively. 

*24 Year Old Female*

Every time I visited a doctor, I was turned away, told that it is no big deal. Told that there is no way that I am 23 with a heart problem. The day that I decided to take matters into my own hands, and come to Dr. Al Adli's office, I can truly say was the best day of my life. I was able to find out that I did in fact have a heart problem and if I had waited any longer then it would have been catastrophic. Rather than turning me away, he listened and made me feel heard, he didn't look at the odds of how unlikely it is for someone this young to have a heart problem and he took me seriously. I will forever be grateful for the doctor who saved my life, simply by listening and taking me seriously when I thought that there was something wrong. Now, I am 27 and thriving, and expected to live a long healthy life. 

*58 Year Old Male*

How I met the doctor,
3AM early one morning to my complete surprise I realized I was having a heart attack. At the time I lived 5 minutes from West Houston Medical Center. My wife took me, they rushed me in, and had called Doctor Al. Adli.
He arrived in 20 minutes. His work was exact and flawless. I am so grateful that it worked out as it did. He even proclaimed “this is an act of God”. He has taken great care of me since May of 2012.

*64-Year Old Male*
I’ve been with the doctor since 2003 and the quality of care has always been fantastic. Dr. Al-Aldi has something unique and probably the word I can best describe is compassion for his patient; his office staff makes you always feel comfortable when you walk in and I highly recommend him.

I first met Dr. Al-Adli at West Houston hospital in the  emergency room; I went in with heavy palpitations. It was like winning the lotto. He was on call. He came in and saw me, I liked him and I continued to be one of his patients after that. He’s been performing a couple of procedures on me. When I met him that day I felt like winning the lotto when it comes to doctors.

*62-Year Old Male*
It was November 2010 when I was alone at home working and I started having chest pains. I laid down for a while and hoping it will go away and in five minutes it was worse. So, I picked up the car keys and I said I’m going to drive to the hospital. I took two steps with the keys and I said I’m in no condition to drive, so I called 911. They came within 10 minutes with the ECG. They took my ECG, they took me to the hospital and I was in the hospital 30 minutes from the time I started having pains. The operating room with Dr. Al-Adli was ready when the ambulance reached the hospital. They put in the stent immediately; afterwards Dr. Al-Adli told me everything worked all right. Without Dr. Al-Adli I may have not survived. I changed my lifestyle completely because of what Dr. Al-Adli was advising me. Three things I changed based on his advice: nutrition, exercise and being very regularly with my medicine. The biggest deal was that everything worked right and that’s pretty much what saved me, because Dr. Al-Adli showed me the ECG which he called the “widow maker”.

*85-Year-Old Female*
It was Sunday afternoon and I was filling my medications for the week. Suddenly, I felt a deep pain in my leg. I was screaming and called for my daughter: “I don’t feel my toes and my feet.”  “What’s wrong mom?” “Look, it’s turning purple.” It was up to my knee. She called 911. They transported me to ER-Oak Bend Hospital. I was out after that. Dr. Al-Adli came in and knew immediately what it was at the ER. It was the clog that was moving up my leg. I was in the helicopter which I never saw. I was unconscious; it took me to the West Houston Medical Center. Because of Dr. Al-Adli’s expertise with this problem, he saved my leg and my life, an angel from heaven. I appreciate this and I think every patient should appreciate it.

*66-Year-Old Male*
Dr. Al-Adli was the consultant cardiologist for the ER at the Oak Bend Medical Center on the Easter morning of 2015. When I woke up that morning, as soon as I finished breakfast, I had a sudden massive heart attack at home with no previous symptoms or any heart problems in the past. I remained unconscious. I was flat and my family thought I would not survive. They coded me for two hours. I was coded out at my house when EMS was initially there. They were trying to stabilize me. When arriving into the ER, Dr. Al-Adli took me to the cardiac cath lab at the Oak Bend Medical Center; he and his team did angioplasty to open the artery of the heart attack to get me stable enough to be moved to West Houston Medical Center Intensive Unit Care.  The team of Oak Bend Medical Center made a miracle after two hours of being coded to get me back stable enough to be able to send me to West Houston Medical Center in the Intensive Care Unit. Dr. Al-Adli informed my son that I was one of the sickest persons he has ever seen; he gave me 50/50 chances while in the Emergency Room. He was very honest about the condition and in charge of coordinating all steps I had to go through. He was the main point doctor while in the ER and ICU. The staff was fantastic at West Houston Medical Center/Intensive Care Unit as well. They accommodated my son because he was pretty much terrified. I was in there for a month. Dr. Al-Adli saw me every day for a month while in the Intensive Care Unit. He really was informative. He saved my life in the Emergency Room. He has been great. I called him this weekend and he just happened to be in the office. He is taking good care of me. So, I just adore him. Everybody at Dr. Al-Adli’s office brings me an enjoyable experience. Dr. Al-Adli always sees me on time in his office which is so important. I am thankful that he is punctual; it makes it easy when I need to come in to his office to get care. He explains things and alleviates my fear, making me feel a lot safer. I am not afraid when I see him with my health complaints. He is always available to hear my concerns or to see me; for example, I called him this past weekend and he was in his office open to talk and hear my concerns. He is taking good care of me. He saved my life and I now have more energy. It is such a relief that Dr. Al-Adli makes me feel comfortable and treats me very good.

*68-Year-Old Female*
Without Dr. Al-Adli, I would have not been alive because his caring found my heart problems. In 1999, Dr. Al-Adli was called in after I have made the surgery because I had congestive heart failure. He ran all the tests and could not find anything wrong with my heart. But I stayed with him as my cardiologist because of this caring concern trying to find out what was wrong. He put me on blood pressure medicine and I remained his patient. He continued to check on me regularly and in 2012 while doing a routine stress test, he found an abnormality which later led to triple by-pass with heart surgery. I had no symptoms whatsoever, and without Dr. Al-Adli I would not be here.

I have been known Dr. Al-Adli for close to six years; he has been the greatest heart doctor I have ever had. He and his staff are full of kindness towards the patients. What makes Dr. Al-Adli unique is that he is full of humanity. When I come to see him, I do not even feel like I am in a doctor’s office; seventy-five percent of my pain is gone due to them being full of kindness to me. When I leave the clinic, I am relieved. Dealing with the heart is not an easy thing; he is truly taking his time to listen to all of it and give you the wisest guidance. Very good and kind people. Receiving this kind of treatment has tremendously contributed towards causing my pain very little, which makes Dr. Al-Adli and his practice unique once again. I needed an excellent doctor, I found him and I am very grateful.

*49-Year-Old Male*
Dr. Al-Adli did a cardiac catheterization; he found my heart extremely weak. He recommended pacemaker/defibrillator. I ended up sick one time. He took care of me at the Oak Bend long time ago in a different office. He gave me exceptional guidance to what he could do. As time progressed, great personality. Always seems happy and very delightful with his patients; the way he approached me from day one did make a great difference: he explained himself well as to what my situation was at that time. I wouldn't change a thing. It's been great experience. I never had a problem. There's no bad judgment for me to love him. Everything he's been pinpointing on my recovery has been great. He cares about his patients. He is on the top of the line.

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