Cardiac Clearance

Cardiac Clearance in Sugar Land, TX

Some patients will require cardiac clearance from their cardiologist before they can undergo certain surgical procedures. This clearance allows our cardiologist, Dr. Naim Al-Adli, to determine whether you are healthy enough for the surgery and to discuss potential risks and benefits with you.

While your primary care physician may do the initial evaluation with you, if you receive care from a cardiologist or if your doctor determines that you are at risk for a cardiac episode then you’ll need to turn to a cardiologist for “cardiac clearance” before you can undergo surgery.

Why Choose Fort Bend Heart Center

A cardiologist is truly the best doctor to turn to for these evaluations since Dr. Al-Adli has specialized training and expertise with regards to the health and function of the heart. Dr. Al-Adli has provided cardiac clearance to many patients throughout the years, making sure they understand the benefits and risks associated with their upcoming procedure. If there is missing information in your paperwork, we can provide your physician with any information we believe is necessary for them to know.

You may require cardiac clearance before a surgical procedure if:

  • You have a history of cardiovascular disease
  • You are about to undergo a high-risk surgery
  • You have a complex medical history
  • You’re about to undergo cosmetic surgery
  • You have other chronic health problems such as high blood pressure or obesity

Getting a cardiac clearance typically involves a comprehensive evaluation with our cardiologist where we will ask questions about the patient’s detailed medical history and heart health. If the patient has a history of heart disease an EKG may be necessary. We will also discuss the medications you’re currently taking and whether you’ll need to stop any medications before surgery.

We also offer a full range of cardiac services here at Fort Bend Heart Center including,

  • Stress testing
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Echocardiogram
  • Ultrasounds
  • Event monitor
  • Holter monitor

If you require a “cardiac clearance” before surgery, call Dr. Al-Adli at Fort Bend Heart Center in Sugar Land, TX at (281) 265-8500 to schedule your evaluation.

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