When Is Cardiac Clearance Needed?

If you’re undergoing surgery and complicated medical procedures, you may need to obtain cardiac clearance. And if you're looking for cardiac clearance in Sugar Land, TX contact Dr. Naim Al-Adli at the Fort Bend Heart Center.

Now let’s take a closer look into when cardiac clearance might be needed. Keep in mind, however, that the below list is not exhaustive. It’s important to talk with your doctor and surgeon beforehand to ask about your specific situation.

What is Cardiac Clearance?

Cardiac clearance is a heart health screening. A cardiologist will take a close look at your heart health to make sure that your cardiovascular health is good enough to reduce the risk of serious complications.

Think of it this way, typically athletes undergo a sports physical before playing sports. This screening can reduce the risk of injuries. Likewise, a cardiac clearance could prevent serious complications and even death later on.

Sometimes doctors and other medical professionals will use different terms to signify cardiac clearance. For example, your doctor might call it “cardiovascular risk assessment.” Yet while names may vary, the procedure is still generally the same.

Have questions? Dr. Naim Al-Adli Sugar at the Fort Bend Heart Center can answer questions about cardiac clearance in Sugar Land, TX.

Who Needs to Get Cardiac Clearance?

Some risk factors may increase the need for getting cardiac clearance. People who suffer from hypertension or diabetes, for example, often need clearance. These conditions may increase the risk of cardiovascular issues during surgery. If you’re smoking you may also need clearance.

Poor physical health may also necessitate clearance. If you or your loved one is overweight, a senior citizen, or suffering from a serious medical condition, it may make screening necessary. If you’ve had prior heart and cardiovascular surgeries or conditions, this may increase the need for screening.

The procedure itself may impact the need for a heart screening. If you’re undergoing an organ transplant, the surgeon may request screening even if you’re in good health. On the other hand, if you’re undergoing a simple surgery on your foot and only local anesthesia is needed, you may not need the screening.

When it comes to medicine and health there is rarely a one size fits all solution. Healthcare is highly individualized and doctors or surgeons may recommend that you get clearance even if you don’t suffer any of the above conditions.

Schedule cardiac clearance in Sugar Land, TX at the Fort Bend Heart Center by dialing (281) 265-8500 and speak with Dr. Naim Al-Adli.

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