Is It Safe for Me To Get Surgery?

If you’ve ever struggled with cardiac issues, you may have worried about whether or not certain surgeries are safe for you. When you need surgery, you can work directly with your cardiologist to get cardiac clearance and it will give you peace of mind about going into surgery. Dr. Naim Al-Adli at Fort Bend Heart Center in Sugar Land, TX, can discuss cardiac clearance with you and what needs to be done before you can be successfully cleared for surgery.

Cardiac Clearance for Surgery

Before surgery, your cardiologist will discuss the benefits of the surgery you’re getting and will decide whether or not you are healthy enough to undergo whatever surgery you need. This cardiac clearance from your cardiologist in Sugar Land, TX, is important because without it, you’re left at risk for a cardiac episode and it’s important to keep you as safe as possible when entering surgery.

Your cardiologist will go through every step of your medical history to make sure nothing is overlooked and that you’re in the best shape to go into surgery. This allows your cardiologist to work directly with your physician to give you the absolute best care that you can get. It can also ease your mind knowing that you have a team looking out for you and making sure that everyone goes safely and according to plan.

You may need cardiac clearance if:

  • You have a history of cardiovascular disease
  • You’re going through a high-risk surgery
  • You’re getting cosmetic surgery
  • You struggle with chronic illness
  • You deal with obesity

Contact Your Cardiologist Today!

If you’ve struggled with cardiovascular disease and you’re going into surgery, it’s important to work with your cardiologist to make sure everything goes smoothly and you’re in good health. Contact Dr. Naim Al-Adli at Fort Bend Heart Center in Sugar Land, TX, to learn more about cardiac clearance today. Call (281) 265-8500 today!

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